Which programmers / debuggers are compatible?

:white_check_mark: KitProg 2 (after voltage upgrade!! and upgrading to KitProg 3)

:grey_question: KitProg 3

:white_check_mark: MiniProg 4 < recommended

:white_check_mark: Segger J-Link (more info here)

:x: KitProg 1 Doesn’t work! (should work according this topic, however not advised)

:grey_question: ST Link (after converting to J-Link?)

:x: MiniProg 3 (Not working)


I currently seem to have issues with the KitProg2 (updated firmware). For example, mbed won’t detect it and flashing sometimes fails verification.
For mbed, it seems a block device is needed and also Windows does only detect it as “Input device”.

Is it better to get a MiniProg4? Are there differences in compatibility between MP4 and KP3?