Which IDE is recommended?

'Aloha Friends!

Which IDE is the recommended one to use with onethinx modules? It seems that both modus toolbox and visual studio code are supported. When I last used the onethinx modules, almost a year ago, the recommendation was modus toolbox. Is that still the case?

Parameters might be along the bullets below:

  • ease of use
  • future direction, where are onethinx going
  • best hardware support
  • best forum support


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Hi /mogul!

Yes, we support both Modus Toolbox and VS code. Currently we rather prefer VS code as it’s rather more flexible and we currently have a really good setup which runs smooth and conveniently. However if your preference is at Eclipse, I suggest to go with Modus Toolbox.

As you probably know our goal is to strive for the bullets points you mentioned. After having initials hurdles, we now have everything set-up well. Modus Toolbox has become more mature as well as the accompanying tools (which we use for the VS code setup as well).


Ok, cool. Back then I used modus toolbox. I wasn’t very pleased. So am motivated to try something new.