Where to start - programming OneThinx

Hi folks,
I just got the OT module in the context of my master thesis plus a KitProg3. I managed to upgrade the KitProg firmware according to another thread here.

But, I honestly have no clue where and how to start flashing.

I used the PSoC6VScodeTemplate project on github on linux and got it to build. But if I try the debugger, I got an error, telling something about no power and I should check wiring etc.

This is when I realized, there doesn’t seem to be a how-to or step-by-step tutorial, how flashing or even debugging the onethinx module works. I just connected the pins of the KitProg3 with equally named pins on the OTmodule, the blue power LED is on, but how can I be sure, the connection is correct? Do I have to set some jumpers or something?
What can I do to diagnose my problem? Or is there any document with the steps on how to connect and to debug the OTM?

Thanx in advance, I’m kind of lost here.

Hi Nitramin,

Are you able to provide us the debugger output? The Power and Vbackup jumper should be in the left position (3V3/progr.)


Hi Nitramin,

if you used the PSoC6VScodeTemplate from github, then you are using the old version.

I suggest to use (if you use linux):

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after starting over with the second GitHub Repo you posted, it indeed works, I got a blinking LED. Yeah, thank you.

Now, next step will go in the direction of Mbed OS but this doesn’t belong into this thread, I think there’s already an existing one and I will continue there.

Maybe just one more thing on this:

Is it possible to manually flash a ready compiled binary with this setup? Means without compiling in VS Code?

Hi Nitramin,

I just created a separate topic on how to program hex files to Onethinx module: