What is so special about the module?

In close cooperation with Cypress and Escrypt we have developed the Onethinx Core module. Tailored to suit LoRaWan projects that requires ultra-secure end-to-end encryption combined with robust LoRaWAN functionality.

  • The Onethinx Core module contains our own PSoC6 optimized LoRaWAN stack for industries best performance.

  • Due to the integrated antenna and the isolated LoRaWAN stack the module is ready to use ‘out of the box’ and easily certified as well.

  • The Cypress PSoC6 configurable analog and digital blocks ensures an easy and direct connection to virtually any sensor without the need of additional components.

  • The two cores of PSoC6, in combination with internal voltage regulation, offers a lot of processing power together with an extremely low current draw in deep sleep / hibernate mode.

This makes the Onethinx Core module extremely well suited for projects that require high security and optimal performance like public security, agriculture, leak detection, disaster precaution, gas- and water metering, street lighting applications and many more.

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