What Integrated Development Environment do I need to use with the Onethinx Core Module?


To use our modules please instal ModusToolbox from Cypress.

We advise to install ModusToolbox into C:\ if you are on windows. Keep in mind that
ModusToolbox will not accept paths with spaces or dots etc. Open Modus toolbox example
projects by pointing modus at startup to the directory that contains the
<APP_NAME>_mainapp, <APP_NAME>_config and <APP_NAME>_mainapp_psoc6pdl


Visual Studio Code setup (advanced users)

I installed ModusToolbox. Now I need start new project by selecting a kit or custom hardware.
What to select ?


Hello chaplin.u

You can go to onethinx.com > Module > OnethinxExampleProjects_vAD.zip

and download the example projects to try them. If you wish to make your own project, you can copy and edit that example and add your own code.

Kind Regards


I asked what option to select in this window :


Hi Chaplin.u,

Please select ‘Custom Hardware’, then File >> Switch Workspace >> >> Other >> Browse and select the folder of one of the demo projects you downloaded from here


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For people who like to setup Visual Studio Code (advanced users) please go here:
Visual Studio Code setup (advanced users)


Please see our guide on how to use Modus Toolbox.


Please note that in the main web page of the module you still mention PSOC Creator as IDE.


Thanks! We finally changed this info.