vsCode cant start debugger

OK, compiler and cmake is working. “Clean Reconfigure” and “Build” runs with output that is looking good, no obvious complaints.

Then when I hit “Debug” the output produces 4 lines:

[build] Starting build
[proc] Executing command: /usr/bin/cmake --build /home/mogul/Onethings_vsCode/VSCodeHelloWorld/build --config customDebug --target VSCodeHelloWorld.elf -- -j 6
[build] [100%] Built target VSCodeHelloWorld.elf
[build] Build finished with exit code 0

And I get an error box in the lower right corner:

And nothing more.

I have noticed that cmake might not have selected a kit. not sure which one to select. None of the ones offered seems like a perfect match:



I’m on linux, using the system wide cmake version 3.10.2, the compilers are fresh downloaded and version 9.2.1 20191025

Guess this is somewhat the same issue as I found as well some while ago.

Can you edit kits.json and manually set the compiler location?

Maybe this information helps.

Fantastic. I forced vsCode to use a fresh cmake-3.16.2 and scratched the kits file altogether.

Now I am able to step through the code as it executes. :smiley:

But it never reaches my code. It seems to inter an infinite Cy_SysLib_ProcessingFault loop in cy_syslib.c called from cy_toolchain_init in startup_psoc6_02_cm4

Any idea whats wrong this time?

Nice, this is a good step forward!!

The Cy_SysLib_ProcessingFault is a known error as our stack has several registers and SFLASH protected. Are you able to provide the full call stack and where it exactly goes into the fault?

Good to see you too think I’m moving forward. I will start a new thread for this since it’s probably not the debugger getting in my way any more but rater a usage problem. See vsCode - it seems I'm getting stuck in an infinite loop