Soldering Module onto PCB

How should one solder the module onto a PC board? Can it survive in a standard SMT reflow oven?


The module can be soldered by hand with a soldering iron or hot-air station. It can be soldered as well in a SMT oven.

For a small amount I usually use a soldering iron, aligning the pads well, fix it at two pads and then solder the pads manually pad-by-pad.

If using an SMT oven, can I use conventional solder paste? Or, since the module already has soldered-on parts, should I use low-temperature paste (we have both)?


You can use both. I suggest to use low-temperature if it’s conveniënt, to reduce stress.

It’s okay if the solder joints on the module melts again, as long as the components stay in the same place (the module is placed horizontally).

As I did antenna tuning on the module, I really fried the board to 400 ºC often without any consequences.

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Sounds good. Thanks.