Recommended LoRaWAN gateway


Hi all,

What LoRaWAN gateway do you guys recommend?

Have you found some gateways work better than others?



LoRaWAN is a standard and there’s certification in place so there is generally no compatibility problems - the network servers play a more critical role as server depend on features of the stack being implemented on the end device. For example TTN uses non-standarddownlink spreading factor for the second receive window so the module must accept this on OTAA or be configurable for ABP.

Also all gateways use either the SX1301 or 1308 chips from effectively the main hardware is the same, just some differences in RF path.

We’re developing a new outdoor gateway soon to be released if anyone is interested :slight_smile:


Hi Painnovation:
We currently use gateways by Tektelic and Kerlink. They both work very well with other LoRa chipsets that we’ve developed on such as Laird modules. We are eagerly awaiting our OneThinx demo kits and will let you know how we make out as soon as we receive them. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions as we operate our own LoRaWAN networks here in the United States and have a lot of experience in getting devices onto our networks.
Clay S Perreault