PSoC Buck Regulator

According to the Cypress PSoC 63 data sheet, the PSoC has an internal buck (switching) regulator. Is it used on the OTX-18 module?


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The module starts in LDO 1.1V configuration, capable of running the M4 at 150MHz. The developer can use the System Power Management API to switch to 0.9V and/or the SIMO (buck) regulator.

Please see Cypress’ Low-Power appnote for more information on the low-power modes (and the SIMO operation).

For the SysPM API refer to the PDL API reference (once you installed the PDL or ModusToolbox) …Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PDL\3.0.4\doc\pdl_api_reference_manual.html

Go to Cypress Peripheral Driver Library (PDL)->API Reference->System Power Management (SysPm)

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Thanks, Rolf. I’ll do that.

One more thing. Can I assume that the required inductor is installed on the module?

Yes, it’s mounted and working :grinning: