Programmers KitProg - what/how are GPIO Pins used here?

On the KitProg modules of the boards such as Cy8ckit-043,
What are the GPIO pins used for - how do you use them ?

  • Say Hdr J8: KP_P3.0 , KP_P3.4 , KP_P3.5 , KP_P3.6 , KP_P0.0 , KP0.1

These are on the KitProg programmer chip, the Cy8c5856.

  • Can you Reprogram this chip, say with a miniProg3 etc ?

Is that how you use these GPIOs ?

This question is more for the Cypress/Infineonf forums. You can use some pins for UART or I2C in order to communicate with the microcontroller. In theory, you could reprogram it. We do not recommend it. I doubt that the original intention for making the GPIOs available was so that you are able to reprogram it or use it as a standalone microcontroller.


ok, but I2C & UART pins are on hdr J9.

The J8 hdr pins that I mentioned are simple GPIO pins.

What is the intent of placing these simple GPIO pins hdr on the KitProg board ?

As I said, this is more of a question for Cypress. The KitProg onboard is used for programming of th evaluation board