Onethinx Creator Projects

Hello All,

I am a bit confused about the Onethinx Creator example projects. For my current and previous projects, I edited the Top Design in PSoC Creator, generated the application, then used the UDB porting tool to copy the relevant files into the VSCode project. However, each Creator Example Project has a PSoC Creator project folder already inside the VSCode project folder.

If I edit the top design in one of these example projects, do I have to run the UDB porting tool or do something special to make the whole project build in VSCode?


Hi Paul,

With Onethinx Creator you no longer have to run the porting tool. What you need to do is to successfully build the design in PSoC Creator and do a Clear-Reconfigure in VSCode before you can use the generated API.

Furthermore, you no longer need to write UDBinit(); or any other init. It takes care of itself. VSCode accesses the nested Generated Source folder of PSoC Creator automatically.

So you make your Top Design, assign the pins, build in PSoC Creator, Clear-Rebuild in VSCode, write your program, Build in VSC, Launch, Enjoy!