MacSave Functionality

Hello All,

As I understand it, the MacSave function stores MAC information in flash memory, presumably to allow transmission after power failure without rejoining. However, I can’t find a corresponding restore function. So, how does one restore MAC settings?


Hi Paul,

MAC Save is not implemented at this moment. After power failure you should rejoin the network.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the info. I am developing a wireless sensor that is powered from the signal that it is monitoring. As the signal goes below some threshold, the sensor will quit working and restart when the signal again rises above the threshold. If this happened only once in a while, rejoining would be acceptable.

If the signal were to drift over and under the threshold (with hysteresis), there could be a situation were the sensor rejoins frequently. Everything I have read about LoRaWAN suggests that this would be a bad situation that I should avoid.

I thought about using a supercapacitor on Vbackup. But, if I understand correctly, the PSoC only has 32 bytes of backup memory for the user. I don’t know if enough context could be saved in order to resume communications without rejoining. Some infrequently changing items, such as keys, could be stored in flash. But frequently changing items, such as frame counters, would have to be stored in RAM.

Do you know what needs to be saved in order to resume communications without rejoining?