LWM2M over LoRa on OneThinx module

Any forum members considering or working on implementing LwM2M on the module?

Seems interesting! I don’t know about the details but I am sure I am able to contibute (and other members as well).

Is this something what can be done by the community (on a public repository)?

Rolf, a useful starting point would be http://www.openmobilealliance.org/wp/OMNA/LwM2M/LwM2MRegistry.html

There is good support on Gihub and the Wakaam project looks useful.
But the route I would be most interested in is https://github.com/AVSystem/Anjay, AVSystems are able to port a full LWM2M application stack. to quote…
Get access to extended support for the Lightweight M2M 1.1 version including porting of Anjay to hardware of choice as well as access to the test server, SMS binding, additional APIs, Bootstrap from SmartCard, and other features as part of the commercial license.