Lost in the device-configurator

I’m trying to figure out what requirements, if any, the onethinx module have regarding configuration set in the device-configurator.

I need to enable the “System Clocks” section to get some peripherals going. But after doing so I cant do any lorawan stuff any more.
I have tried to compare with, and configure accordingly, to the old modustoolbox-1.1 example packs. But so far not much luck.

I would prefer an explanatory instruction over a premade design.modus file. The later will just require me to reverse engineer it down to the former.

Hi mogul,

The Modus configurator unfortunately generates a conflicting clock config compared to what is done internally on the M0+.

The solution is use the template which comes with the VS Code Helloworld example and to keep the top-level System Clocks disabled. You are able to use the peripheral clocks based on the (disabled) system clock configuration as in the example (the clocks are configured correctly).

We’re currently working with Cypress to see if there’s a better solution.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, we should have made a note of it to avoid any confusion…

After an evening experimenting, trying to figure out what was going on I think I got it now:

  • If “System Clocks” have to be disabled, it does not matter what else is set in the System tab.
  • Even when “System Clocks” are disabled, values set in the System tab affect the frequency calculations done elsewhere in the Device Configurator
  • If “System Clocks” are disabled Input to Peripheral-Clocks is always 8 MHz
  • To get the calculations in Peripheral-Clocks and Peripherals tabs right, it is safe to adjust values in the System tab to get the 8MHz output from CLK_PERI

@Rolf do agree? Is there more to the story?