LoRaWAN class implementation


I’m pretty new to the LoRaWAN environment. As when I’m playing around with the example code, I noticed that the module is only able to receive a message after it has sent a message. So I guess it’s out of the box a Class A device, but is it actually possible to configure it to for example a class C device? since you can’t get to the locked LoRaWAN stack on the M0+ core, or do you have to implement it in the users application in the M4 core?

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Hi Ytung,

Currently our module only supports Class A. Probably we’re gonna implement Class C later this year.

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Hi Rolf, is Class C still in the roadmap? Really interested in it for control use cases. Cheers, T

Hi Tad. Currently we have release an additional library which supports continuously listening mode, along with sending and receiving plain LoRa packets. This library can be used to implement class C very easily.

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Very cool. I will check it out.