Lora with psoc Creator 4.4


I want use the module lora with psoc creator 4.4 . I have donwloaded the project fo sample from follows link :

I have clicked on follows file to open the project :

I have try to build the project cliccked and i return me this error :
The given PDL path ‘’ is invalid. Unable to find required PDSC file.

I have inserted in the tools->options… this PDL path :
PDL v2(FM0+devices) location → C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PDL\3.1.4

PDL v3(PSoC 6 devices) location → C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PDL\3.1.4

Retry build the project and works correctly. The path PDL are corrects ?

The my problem is that i don’t found the main.c file where sends message HELLO WORLD in the tab workspace explorer :

I noticed that the folder with the main.c file is located in the source folder outside the project. How do I integrate it into the project and build it properly ?

In the end I would like to build the hello world project on psoc creator and replace the HELLO WORLD message to send with ALIVE.

Can you hlep me

Hi Gianmarco,

Welcome to our forum.

Unfortunately PSoC Creator is not suitable to program / debug our Onethinx Core directly. The best solution to program / debug is to use VS Code. The example project you are using are part of a VS Code project. The VS Code project embeds the PSoC Creator project and PSoC Creator is only used for its convenient schematic & system editor.

To get the whole setup running, you first need to setup the VS Code environment as outlined here.

Hope this helps!