LoRa Gateway + Onethinx module?

rookie question but can I build an 8-channel LoRa gateway with Onethinx module?
If so any guide or tutorial?


For an 8-channel g/w you need to receive on 8 channels simultaneously. Also each channel must be able to receive packets on different spreading factors and datarates. As the Onethinx module uses the SX126x, itcan do CAD (channel activity detection) to listen on four different channels and datarates sequentially, however this doesn’t suffice the number of frequency/datarate combinations for a 8 channel g/w by far.

If the end-device is programmed to a fixed channel and fixed datarate, it’s possible to have the Onethinx module act as g/w. There’s an example on our github which demonstrate the LoRa-to-LoRa capability.