Known bug in 0xC0

There is a known bug in the version 0xC0 and 0xBF, which is not present in the previous versions.

If you use DeepSleep before you Join the LoRaWAN network, it will not be able to join the network. This is only with deep sleep, and only when used before LoRaWAN_Join. Instead of deep sleep (modeDeepSleep), you can use regular sleep (modeSleep), which will take more current in sleep.

Hi Tom,

Is this any deep sleep or just in the SleepConfig_t structure? For example, deep sleep mode is also an option in coreConfiguration.Idle.Mode and is part of the enumeration WaitMode_e, which is used in several API functions.

Do I need to avoid all deep sleep options in all structures and functions?


Hi Paul,

No, only if using LoRaWAN_Sleep with DeepSleep before Join. You can test.