Kitprog to Demo board connections

Maybe I’m missing something or being over cautious. I can’t find instructions on connecting a kitprog to the programmer. Do I simply use 5 connections straight across like this: (sorry for formating)
|Kitprog 3|Onethinx|
|SWD CLK|P6_7|

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Hi Halam,

Yes, the 5 connections are sufficient. If you’re using the KitProg (which supplies approx. 4.5V to Vtarg) directly powering the module, be sure to use a regulator as Vdd of the module may not exceed 3.6V. If you are using our dev. kit, you can directly connect the KitProg one-to-one to the 5 pin header on the dev. kit (there’s a regulator on the dev. kit).

Please take a look at the following table:

Kitprog Connect through … to Onethinx Core
SWD_IO wire (max 10cm) P6_6
SWD_CLK wire (max 10cm) P6_7
RST wire (max 10cm) XRES
GND wire (max 10cm) GND
VTARG regulator 3V3 VDD (max 3.6V)

Many thanks, I have flashing lights so that must be good.

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