How to use UDB components on PSoC6

Download the UDB components from our Github page.

Import the component into your design.

Use them from the Onethinx tab.
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And have fun!

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If you want to use the UDBs inside VS Code or ModusToolbox, use the UDB porting tool:


There is another way to load custom components into a single project, workspace or ALL future projects/workspaces for the user.

  • Select Menu “Tools/Options…”

  • Window:Options “Project Management/Default Dependencies” Folder icon

  • Find the library (.cylib) project (.cyprj) that contains the components.

  • Select the new custom library for Components and Code.

  • You show now see these components shown in the “Component Catalog” and can be drag-n-dropped into the TopDesign.

This method will install the custom library with components for ALL future projects on that computer.


PS: I had more pics but as a new user, I’m only allowed one pic per post. Follow the steps, it’s pretty intuitive.

Yes you can put all components into a single library and add these new components just by adding the dependency to the project as you mentioned.

Thanks for pointing out!

Are you open to ideas to implement? If so, I have one.
It is called the cy_bufoe from Cypress, I was going to use it in a one-wire implementation. It was a brillant idea I got from the community. I could use a UART component and the the tx_enable and bam, I would be done. My product designator (firm I am contracting too) needs some devices that are going production end of august to be updated and each device only has one wire to work with… I wanted to use the Serial Control Block UART component from Cypress for many reasons, however no matter what I tried, I could not get the cy_bufoe to synthesize when I tied a bidirection pic to the “Y” pin of the bufoe. It always complained about Net_xxx mismatch or that the bufoe could not reach that Net_xxx. I tried SmartIO but took up too many pins…
Anyway, Thought I might mention it. I am sure I will be needing it in another project…
Here is my mOW cy_bufoe:
(oops, I am a new user so I can only put in one image for now, I chose Len’s Half Duplex UART…

Here is what I ended up with. Got it from a fellow geek on Cypress Community. Brillant idea, but he said you were more brillant… I call it "Len’s UART Half Duplex:

Let me know what you think,