How do I set up my own LoRaWAN network?


In order to setup a connection to a LoRaWAN network, you need a gateway (LoRaWAN concentrator). These gateways acts as relays between the wireless devices and the network server. You can choose to setup and configure your own network server or you can choose to make use of a public (preconfigured) network such as The Things Network (TTN). Public does mean that the encrypted messages of your device are transported over the public network servers, but the contents of the messages are still encrypted and hidden for the public. The messages are decrypted at the application server and only available to the ones having access to the application server.

Especially for testing purposes, we advise to setup an account at TTN and make use of their network. It’s easy to setup any LoRaWAN gateway for use with TTN and even view your messages on their dashboard. You can easily setup TTN to forward the messages to your own application as well.

Our device works with multichannel gateways as outlined over here: