Filed to lunch OpenOCD GDB Server: Timeout

I want to run and program the Hello World project, I had followed the guide on GitHub on this link:
After installing VS Code, the extension and the Onethinx Dependencies Pack and setting the environment variables and the path as write in the guide, I had downloaded the VSCode_HelloWorld-master example project in this other link:
I use MiniProg3 as programmer/debugger.
The project build with no problems. If i try to debug and run the project VS Code give me this error:

and the debug console give me this:

Please check OUTPUT tab (Adapter Output) for output from C:/VSCode_OnethinxPack_Windows-master/tools_2.0/openocd/bin/openocd

Launching server: "C:/VSCode_OnethinxPack_Windows-master/tools_2.0/openocd/bin/openocd" "-c" "gdb_port 50000" "-s" "C:/VSCode_OnethinxPack_Windows-master/tools_2.0/openocd/scripts" "-c" "set PROGRAMMER kitprog3" "-c" "set ENABLE_ACQUIRE 0" "-c" "set ENABLE_CM0 0" "-f" "C:/VSCode_OnethinxPack_Windows-master/config/scripts/openocd.tcl"

Why I have this errors and how can I fix they?
Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hi Alessio,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to program/debug our module with MiniProg 3. In fact, it is not possible to program any partially locked PSoC 6 microcontroller with MiniProg 3.

We suggest using MiniProg 4. There are cheaper alternatives as well, you can use KitProg3 as well.

I suggest to take a look at this link to find compatible programmers:

Kind regards,

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Sadly it’s not possible to use the (more advanced) Miniprog3 with the new Cypress environment / programming tools. Even with their new Modus Toolbox IDE, they have abandoned the Miniprog3, so you have to do with the slower Miniprog4 or Kitprog3.

For more technical background, see this topic on the Infineon/Cypress Community website:

I know PSoC Creator is using GDB ‘under the hood’. Technically it would be possible to start the GDB debugger and connect it to cypsocdebugger.exe which serves the Miniprog3. Check this topic, but it won’t be easy to get such a setup up and running for sure.

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