Developing on MacOSX


The Getting started file tells “We have developed and tested our code only in the windows version of Modus Toolbox.” .
Good news for you: I tested the module with ModusToolbox on MacOSX and I was able to successfully program it (although with some red lines in the console, less than the ones I see on Windows).

I programmed the Light Sensor example, and tested integrating it with TTNMapper when going from work to home. The farthest distance from gateway has been about 11km, but I know the merit is also of a well-placed gateway :slight_smile: Anyway, good job.


Hi Vdm

Thanks! Great to hear you got it working on MacOSX.

I am happy with the range you got, from our office in the Netherlands we got around 13km of range.



Care to share some setup/configuration files for ModusToolbox?

We have a VScode setup on OSX but GCC arm-none-eabi 7.3.1 is complaining on
-O (optimisation) and -ffat-lto-objects

[build] cc1: error: argument to ‘-O’ should be a non-negative integer
[build] cc1: error: unrecognized command line option ‘-ffat-lto-objects’


I remember to have lost time initially but I do not reall what exactly solved the issues. As I am new to ModusToolbox, if you tell me specifically what could help you, I am happy to look for.


I’ve both ModusToolbox and VScode running well on MacOSX.

Did you set the path variable to the compiler correctly:

  1. start Terminal, type
    nano ~/.bash_profile
    add this line (depending on where you installed GCC):
  2. restart Modus / VScode and check the path by entering the following into the terminal console:
    echo $PATH
    and check if the compiler works by
    arm-none-eabi-gcc --version