DemoKit01 questions answered


When is the US-Version Dev Kit available?

We aim to have it ready within 4 weeks. In the mean time we can ship the EU dev kit which can be used in the same way (same API) as the US915 version.

What is the Dev Kit interface (mini-prog, JTAG)?

The interface is Miniprog SWD, 5 pin connector.

How is the BLE used? Does the Dev Kit board have an antenna for BLE also? If not, how is the BLE exposed.

BLE is used as it should with PSoC Creator. There’s a solder pad to connect an antenna. The simplest way to make a pretty decent antenna is to solder a stiff wire of 28mm (vertically) directly to the pad. This act as an quarter wave antenna with the board as ground plane.

When will the Creator Component be ready?

We are working on this. At the moment we are supplying an API C and Header file to add the LoRaWAN functionality. Also we will supply default projects to get started quickly with the development kit (and to be built upon).


Hey Guys. We ordered a Demo Kit a few months ago and it appears that Marc van Ballegooijen, our contact there is on honeymoon. How do we find out where we are in the queue? USA or Euro Kits are OK as we use both… Thank you. Clay S Perreault -


Hi Clay,

Your request is in the queue. We had a small delay with finalizing the LoRaWAN stack, we aim to send out the module this week.

Stay tuned!