Debugger No Longer Works

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for the info. I’m starting to get a better understanding.

It is possible that I initialized the stack too early. In earlier testing I noticed that the power consumption decreased immediately after initializing the stack, so I moved the initialization up near the beginning of main(). I don’t think I put it before the CyDelay call, but I’m not certain (I need to take better notes).

I have more questions about minimizing power consumption, but I’ll start a new thread for that.


Sorry to hear that. Still working with Cypress to see if we can acquire in testmode in order to ‘unbrick’. I made some progress but still need the flash syscall code to erase the first flash row or sector.

I will let you know how it proceeds.

Debugging quit working on yet another module. This time I am certain that CyDelay(1000) was the first instruction in main() and that debugging was enabled in both coreConfig and sleepConfig. Also, I used a blue (3.3V) KitProg3 exclusively. The module was powered by the KitProg. Here is the adapter output:

I get the same output when attempting to debug other “bricked” modules. I don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s making me nervous.



Are you able to tell if any of your program or code is running?


I can’t tell if it’s running. I don’t remember what code I had loaded in it.



Can you tell more about the board you’re using? Do you use a custom board or our dev-kit?

I really want to get a grip on this and see what exactly happens. Also, are you able to send some of the bricked modules back so we’re able to investigate? You’ll receive new ones for the ones you’ll send.



Two of the modules were on the development board. The third one was on a board of my own design.

I can send them to you. I’ll contact you for details.


@Rolf please keep us updated on your findings. I have a single module that I managed to brick as well.


I ams sorry for the delayed response. I finally found some time to investigate the problem.

This is what I found out:

  • 1st could be programmed immediately and I am able to debug.
  • 2nd needed a few tries to acquire and finally got programmed an able to debug.
  • 3rd seems to be locked for some reason. Not sure what happened to this one.

As the first two devices are okay, I guess it has to do with your setup. I am really unsure what happend to the 3rd one. Probably the device is damaged, maybe by electrostatic discharge or overvoltage, but I am not really sure.

Will send you some replacements. Please send me a pm on how to handle this.

Thanks, Rolf