Current consumption

Current status of the PSoC6 hibernate current (without SX1261).

Sub microamp!! :ok_hand::ok_hand:

UPDATE: 410nA total current in hibernate!!

Goal reached. We’re continuing to work on the stack and prepare the low power API function calls for next release.

Comparison characteristics:
ARM Cortex M4: 3.40 CoreMark/MHz
Power consumption: 40uA/MHz
Flash: 1MB
RAM: 256KB


Hi Rolf,
congratulations & thank you for sharing these great news about the low power capabilities of the module. Sounds really promising!
Above you write “without SX1261”. Maybe it is just me but I do not fully get the point here. How did you measure without the SX1261? Would you mind to share some more details about your measurement setup? I also wonder about the two yellow cables left hand of the programmer connector.
Best regards,

I have cut the power trace on the module to the SX1261. We started by eliminating all non mIcrocontroller related currents in order to see if the specs according the datasheet did match the measured values,

Remind that’s not the final current, as the current through the SX1261 has to be added.

We measured a total current of around one micro amp, which is really cool!

The yellow wires you see are connecting the powerlines from the programmer to the PCB. After programming we can unplug the programmer while the device still keeps powered, to avoid leakage currents through the programming lines.

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Do you guys already have some example code for sleep mode and wakup etc… ?


Any news on this? Hope the new sleep APIs are coming soon. Got really excited by these news but it has been almost 2 months now… Can we help in any way?

So much to love about this little module but just feels the software is not there yet

(I do understand the PSoC 6 itself is still a moving target, actually been developing with it for the past month…)

The low power version of the stack is currently available together with lots of new features!

To mention some:

  • several sleep modes, easy configurable for wake-up on time, delay and external wakeup IO
  • ULTRA low hibernate power (410nA without RTC and 600nA with RTC @ 1.8V)
  • FlashWrite and FlashRead simplified API
  • Setting preferred US subband channels
  • Enhanced join procedure for fast join (optimized datarate / channel polling algorithm)

Take a look at our GitHub page for using the newer version of the module with the latest M4 API.