Clock configuration Modus Toolbox 1.1

Hi all,

The clock configuration below is valid for Modus Toolbox 1.1?


Platform clocks are set for high performance (144 MHz CLK_FAST for CM4 core
and 72 MHz CLK_SLOW for CM0+) but with a peripheral-friendly CLK_PERI
frequency (72 MHz).

FLL (Frequency-Locked Loop) Disabled
PLL (Phase-Locked Loop) Enabled
Source: IMO (8 MHz)
Frequency: 144 MHz
Source: CLK_PATH1 / PLL (144 MHz)
CLK_FAST (CM4 clock)
Source: CLK_HF0 (144 MHz)
CLK_PERI (peripheral clock):
Source: CLK_HF0 (144 MHz)
Divider: 2
Frequency: 72 MHz
CLK_SLOW (CM0+ clock):
Source: CLK_PERI (72 MHz)



You can disable the clock section to let the clock run at default speed. Is this okay or do you want a high speed clock?

Loot at our github for the example with default clock speed.