Can I use the Onethinx Core for peer-to-peer communication?

Yes, the Onethinx core can be used for peer-to-peer communication.

For this you need the A or [blank] version, see chapter 4 of our datasheet.

A - Configurable LoRaWAN stack
• MCU: PSoC63
• Secure stack (not LoRa Alliance certified)
• Secure boot
• M4 Core is open for application development

[blank] Open (stackless) version
• MCU: PSoC63
• No stack
• M0+ & M4 Core open for application development

With the [blank] version you can use the M0+ and/or the M4 core and with the A version you can use the M4 to communicate directly to the SX126x radio chip to do the peer-to-peer communication.

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