Bluetooth and Onethinx Core Development Kit


There is a step which you need to do to make Bluetooth the Onethinx Core Development Kit work.

Go to: cy_ble_clk.c (BLE middleware)

Comment out the entire:

if((Cy_SysLib_GetDeviceRevision() != CY_SYSLIB_DEVICE_REV_0A) && (SFLASH- 

In the future version this will not be necessary.

Furthermore, to make it work, you must solder a 3cm wire to the BLE_antenna pin on the Development Kit as seen in the picture bellow.


Is it true it’s not possible to bond devices?

It looks like the bonding info needs to be stored on the flash:

/* Store bonding data to flash only when all debug information has been sent */
if (cy_ble_pendingFlashWrite != 0u) {
    apiResult = Cy_BLE_StoreBondingData();
    printf("Store bonding data, status: %x, pending: %x \r\n", apiResult, cy_ble_pendingFlashWrite);

The execution of the code listed above will result in a Cy_SysLib_ProcessingFault…