Availability, target pricing & distributors?


When will the modules be available for purchasing at what cost and from which distributors?


The Onethinx core module will be available as soon as the certification process is completed. This takes a few months and we expect that we can market the module in October/November. Please feel free to request for a sample of an uncertified module: http://onethinx.nl/request-module-samples/

We are now negotiating with several distributors and we expect to come to terms with ARROW soon. The prices depend on the volume. At this moment the prices are still preliminary but as an indication prices will range from around € 20,- for large quantities (> 5k) to around € 29,50 for small quantities (< 49 pieces).


We realize the indicated price may sound high at first glance. However, the Onethinx core module gives you so much more! Take a look at the following:

  • Small integrated antenna
    No more hassle with large antenna’s sticking out of your device or ceramic chip antenna’s which will never perform well!

  • CE/EMC/FCC RED certified (pending)
    Most LoRaWAN modules don’t come with an antenna. By adding an antenna, a new RF model is created. This means the final design has to be tested against the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).
    The Onethinx Core has a completely certified RF model (the combination of the radio chip, the RF path and the antenna) which saves a costly RED testing and certification journey.

  • LoRa Alliance Certification by Similarity
    The LoRaWAN stack is securely locked down inside the module and runs safely on a separate core from the user application. Therefore, the LoRaWAN functionality cannot be compromised or interrupted by the the user application. Go with the Onethinx Core module and create a more stable solution while saving lots of money on the LoRa Alliance Certification procedure.

  • Time To Market
    The Onethinx Core module is ready to use out of the box! This immediately saves you a lot of your costly engineering time for security implementations, RF path and antenna tuning, CE/FCC compliance testing and LoRa Alliance compliance. This keeps your boss happy while you can focus on creating real IoT solutions.


Hi Rolf,
I do not see pricing here - any idea of estimated module cost 1-100 and where to buy ?
Eagerly awaiting your dev kit which Marc has promised us.