API to secure a user application

In the white paper of Onethinx I found the following:
“To secure his/her code developers can write their public key to a secure part in memory by calling a function provided by the LoRaWAN stack.”

Where can I find this function and information on how to use it?

The current version of our LoRaWAN stack doesn’t support this functionality.

We’re currently working hard on the next fw release and corresponding documentation to provide this functionality to the user.

Could you let us know in what timeframe such functionality is required?

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for the quick response!
Currently I am working on a demo application for the board and I would like to show as much of the functionality that it will provide. Showing that uploading bogus firmware to the device leads to a dead state seems really awesome to me. That said, it is uncertain how much time I have left to work on the demo (~2 weeks - 2 months). So the sooner the better :slight_smile:

keep up the good work!