Altium Design Files


Please go to the our download page for the Altium Design files of our module.


Is it possible to get the design files in Eagle format?


Hello ROSW,

We currently do not have Eagle format design files. Altium is able to export into various formats like ODB++, gerber, Protel, DXF and a lot more, but unfortunately not Eagle.

If you’re able to import the footprint at least (gerber?), the library schematic is pretty easy to set up.



I don’t have Altium but I understand it can export to ACCEL ASCII format
which Eagle is suppose to be able to import. Is it possible to create
for me? If not, is there a document (pdf) specifying the layout
dimensions (part, pads, spacing, etc) and requirements (keepout, no
ground plane, etc) along with a recommended schematic symbol? From that
I can create a suitable Eagle library part.




And here is how the module should be placed on the board.


Thanks. Sorry I didn’t see your reply earlier.