Advantages of Onethinx Core LoRaWAN module

The use of our module has a number of advantages over other LoRaWAN modules:

  • The module uses a dual-core ARM controller, the ARM M4 core can be freely programmed by the developer.
  • On the ARM M0+, the LoRaWAN stack runs completely isolated from the M4. This makes the LoRaWAN functionality secure and robust.
  • The module uses an “embedded secure element” for maximum security.
  • A high-efficiency antenna is integrated on the module, optimized for use inside plastic enclosures. This guarantees an optimal range without the need of an external antenna.
  • The RF path is integrated on system level and makes painstaking FCC / CE / RED certifications a lot easier and cheaper.
  • The module has Bluetooth 5.0, which means that configuration / firmware updates can be done easily and quickly.
  • The latest SX126x chipset reduces power consumption significantly, in order to save battery size and cost.
  • Our module is produced in the Netherlands with high quality requirements.
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An insightful post. Thanks for sharing this @Tom . As far as I see, the advantages for us include :

  1. No Antenna or Antenna design required separately.
  2. ARM M4 can be freely programmed.
  3. Secure element.

While we are still waiting to have proper hands-on the module, the specification looks good for our purpose.

Best wishes!